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How To Get Huge Telegram Users

Telegram is now widely used by businesses to sell and promote their products. By attracting members, showing Telegram advertisements and posting articles on various topics, Telegram channels and groups have given you the opportunity to earn money. Membership growth is one of the most essential goals for many Telegram channel managers; hence, they aim to increase their channel membership by employing various methods and recruiting both fake and legit members.

SummaryWhat is a fake member and how to create one?Increase the number of fake members using T-Data!Buy fake and real Telegram members How to create fake Telegram members:How to create T-Data?What are the differences between fake members and real members?

What is a fake-member and how to create one?

If you have ever managed Telegram channels, you know how important the number of channel members is, that's why all Telegram channel managers aim to increase their channel members in different ways. It is important to note, however, that the number of members of the Telegram channel is proportional to the amount of money that can be earned through these channels.

The more subscribers you have, the more ads your mailing list will receive. One of the most effective and easy ways to make money with Telegram is to post advertisements on Telegram channels. Also, the more members of the store network, the more your customer base is likely to grow. I elegram subscriber management bot is the perfect solution for your business.

Increase the number of fake-members using T-Data!

How to make a fake member if we are looking for an answer? You should know that generating T-Data is one of the most effective ways to increase the number of fake Telegram channel members. T data accounts can be thought of as telegram accounts. T data is already active by a virtual phone number and you can log into a Telegram account by entering each of them.

For example, if you have 5,000 T-Data accounts, you will have 5,000 fake subscribers and you can subscribe to any channel or group you want. Since there are lots of ready-made T-data available on various websites that you can simply use, we will first show you how to use ready-made T-data.

Buy fake and real telegram members How to create fake telegram members :

To do this, you must first purchase T-Data files. Copy the T data file to a folder called numbers on your computer's desktop, then open the telegram admin software. You will notice a list of T data in this phase, and by clicking on each of the displayed files, you will be sent to a telegram account which has already been created and is ready to be used. You can easily join different channels or groups by logging into one of these accounts. It is difficult to accomplish this manually for all accounts, so we recommend using the mouse and keyboard recording program to automate the process.

How to create T-data?

We showed you how to use ready-made T-data to grow your Telegram channel subscription in the previous part; however, if you want to produce T data from scratch, you will need to do more. As mentioned earlier, the easiest answer to the question of how to build a fake member is to use T-Data accounts, which allow you to subscribe to a large number of Telegram channels or groups. It is a wonderful way for individuals to manage multiple Telegram channels or groups. To get started with T-Data you will need to create a folder with lots of new folders.

The number of new folders you create should equal the total amount of data T you want to create. Then, in each of them, copy a portable version of Telegram. After completing this procedure, you will need to enter each of them and create a Telegram account using a virtual phone number.

It's easy to open a Telegram account. Just open the new folders and choose to start the massage. A code will be issued to the same virtual number after entering the virtual number. Account creation is completed by entering the code in the designated field.

Close the account and delete the portable version of Telegram after it is created; keep in mind that t-data and log.txt files should not be deleted. Once you are done for all the new folders, copy and paste them into a number folder. Finally, open the Telegram admin program and easily log in to all the virtual number accounts you have created. With your TD Data account, you can now subscribe to a variety of channels.

What are the differences between fake-members and real-members?

To increase their channel membership, many Telegram channel managers prefer to use fake members. Because fake members are unrealistic, they cannot leave the channels they are a member of; therefore, if you insert a number of fake members into a channel, you can be sure that these members will stick around for a long time; however, real members can leave your channel at any time, so the drop in these types of members will be greater.

Moreover, the cost of buying or creating a fake member is significantly lower than the cost of acquiring real members. This talent can even be considered as one of the marketing choices of 0 Telegram. For channels that just want to increase their membership, it is cheaper to buy fake members. Another thing to remember about fake members is that they have no effect on the number of views your posts receive.