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How to Fix Missing Album Art on iPhone and iPad

Missing artwork in iTunes and possibly iPhones and iPads has been a problem for years. It doesn't look like Apple can ever fix this problem. In fact, after the launch of Apple Music which had its own bugs, the problem seems to have gotten worse instead of better. How to get album art for songs in your library that don't have it?

How to Fix Missing Album Art on iPhone and iPad

Well, there are several ways to do it. If you only have a few songs that need album art, you can probably get away with the one-by-one approach to adding album art. But if you have a large library of songs without artwork, a massive third-party application may be needed. Let's see the different strategies together.

Note: Both strategies described below require using iTunes on your computer and then syncing the changes to your iPhone. There is no proper way to fix missing album artwork directly on iOS device.

Use iTunes to replace album artwork for each song

If you only need a few songs for which you need album art, you can do it directly in iTunes without the help of third-party software. You can do it one or two ways. The first is to right-click the song or album with missing cover art, then click Get Album Artwork in the menu.

How to Fix Missing Album Art on iPhone and iPad

If you might have more than a few songs that you need album art for, you can also try to get them all at once. Go up to Drop menu in iTunes, hover over Library then select Get Album Artwork . Unlike the last method, this will get the album art for any songs that don't have it in your library.

How to Fix Missing Album Art on iPhone and iPad

If you subscribe to Apple Music, these changes should apply wirelessly. But if not, just connect your iPhone to your computer or start Wi-Fi sync and sync it with iTunes.

The biggest problem with using iTunes to get album art is that each song must have all the proper metadata:album name, song title, artist, etc. If something is missing or misspelled, iTunes won't find your cover art. If this is your problem, keep reading.

How to Fix Missing Album Art on iPhone and iPad

Tip: Alternatively, if for some reason you downloaded a song with the wrong artwork, you can right-click and select Clear Downloaded Artwork first. Then follow the steps above to get the right illustration.

Use TuneUp to identify missing artwork

A very simple software called TuneUp works on both Mac and PC and can download missing album art for you. With one click, it will identify and replace any artwork issues in your library.

The key to TuneUp's software, however, is that it analyzes songs for their acoustic fingerprints rather than relying solely on metadata. This means that TuneUp can find your album art even if the filenames and artist/album/song titles are out of whack. It will even fix those titles along the way.

How to Fix Missing Album Art on iPhone and iPad

Although TuneUp offers a free trial version, the downside is that the full version of this program will cost you $49.95.

All you have to do is download and install TuneUp. Then, open it and observe the four tabs at the top for the four different services it provides, one of which can also remove duplicates. Click Cover then select Find missing cover . That's it. TuneUp will do the rest of the work for you.

After that, just sync the changes to your iPhone.

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