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Tips for buying a new smartphone

As we all know, many new smartphones come out every year. And this abundance always makes it very difficult to make a choice when buying a new smartphone. All smartphones come with good features and different prices, and this makes the whole process of buying a smartphone a very difficult decision. You don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money, you just need to know what to look for before making a purchase. Here are our tips for buying a new smartphone.

What features do you want and need?

The most basic function of a smartphone is to make and receive calls and to send and receive text messages. In addition, smartphones have a range of functions such as calculators, voice answering and voice dialing so that you can send and receive phone calls without using your hands, digital cameras, MP3 and video players, computer games and much more. Choose the phone with the features you will actually use and don't waste money on a phone with features you will rarely use or features you have on other electronic gadgets.

Set your budget

This is one of the most important things when looking for a new smartphone. By determining a budget or knowing how much you can spend on the smartphone, you can limit many options and make the best choice. If you go for Android, want a phone with good features and want to spend between €300 and €400, the Samsung Galaxy a51 or Samsung Galaxy A71 is a good choice. If you have a little more to spend and iPhone is your thing, then choose the Apple iPhone 11 or Apple iPhone 11Pro.

The screen

If you are like most people, you will spend hours staring at your smartphone screen every day. Make sure you buy one that's bright enough to see outside and sharp enough that the text won't look blurry while browsing the web.

The camera

A camera is also one of the most important features that you cannot ignore while looking for a new smartphone. Everyone loves to capture all of life's memorable moments and these moments need to be clear and sharp, and a good quality camera is ideal. Many people measure camera quality by megapixels, but there are many other factors to consider in camera quality, such as pixel size and zoom quality.

The battery

Battery life is also an important thing to consider. Are you the kind of user who has multiple apps open at the same time? Are you going to play games? Or stream movies? If you are often online, the battery will run out faster. If you belong to this category of users, it is better to opt for a phone with a long battery life.

The storage

If you're going to store a lot of photos, movies, and music that you like, you'll need plenty of storage space. So according to this scenario, you should buy a smartphone with at least 32 GB to 64 GB of storage. Apps and images can take up a lot of space if you don't store them in the cloud.

Determine where to buy
If you've already decided which brand and phone to buy, now's the time to decide where to buy it. There are plenty of places to buy a phone you want, but we strongly recommend buying a smartphone from an official webshop such as, rather than from a private individual.